Price of Cartridge in Uganda

Price of Cartridge in Uganda

Price of Cartridge in UgandaNonexclusive Toner VS Manufacturer Toners

Don’t you generally wind up paying more for your printer ink than the worth of the actual printer?

Barely a couple of months prior, we expounded on Saving Millions on printing costs! where we initially presented an idea of conventional toners.

Overpowered by its reaction, I would need to separate between the three kinds of toner phrasings:

Unique/OEM Toners where OEM represents Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Nonexclusive Toners
Topped off Toners
What are nonexclusive toners?
Nonexclusive toners are made by outsiders like us in industrial facilities without the marking of OEM henceforth we utilize our own image name “OfficePoint”.

Are OEM toners, Generic Toners, and Refilled toners the equivalent?

No, in the past OEM toners would be advised to picture yield quality particularly for a picture imprinted on paper, at present, great brand conventional toners like “Office point” attempt to accomplish and match a similar quality as OEM and have no single reused part as well as going through similar assembling process as OEM toners. Topped off toners, then again, is reused toner.

Will utilizing nonexclusive toners void my printer guarantee?

Consider the possibility that the toner won’t peruse in my printer or cause long-haul harm to the printer.
As referenced before, our nonexclusive toners are pristine, not comprised of any reused parts, and not topped off, it is basically impossible that it will make any harm to your printer. This would be valid on account of topped-off toners as it were. Quality tests are performed on the entirety of our toners the same way OEM toners go through their testing since we additionally need to keep up with the norm of our image name – OFFICE POINT.

Will Generic Toners give less page yield than OEM toners?

The basic answer is NO, don’t count the number of days yet rather the number or paper edges the toner has printed, there are additional methods of looking at the printer report to observe the number of prints the toner has accomplished for you. You could allude to your printer producer’s site for the point-by-point steps on the best way to do this. That is why we at Explore I.T Technologies limited will not stop at a thing to ensure that you have enough information to make the best choice for your printing needs.

To summarize it, you save 70% from buying our OFFICE POINT toners when contrasted with OEM toners.

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HP Compatible Toners – Black  
Nos Products Details  Price(UGX)   VAT @ 18%   Price per Piece (Inc.) 
1 Toners Compatible with HP83                     97,458                    17,542                         115,000
2 Toners Compatible with HP85/Canon 725                     97,458                    17,542                         115,000
3 Toners Compatible with HP05/80A                     97,458                    17,542                         115,000
4 Toners Compatible with HP78A,Canon CRG728,Canon CRG726,2100pages,Black                     97,458                    17,542                         115,000
5 Toners Compatible with HP26A,3100pages                  310,000                    55,800                         365,800
HP Compatible Toners – Color  
6 Toners Compatible with HP305A/304A,4000pages,Black                  152,542                    27,458                         180,000
7 Toners Compatible with HP305A/304A,2600pages,Cyan                  144,068                    25,932                         170,000
8 Toners Compatible with HP305A/304A,2600pages,Yellow                  144,068                    25,932                         170,000
9 Toners Compatible with HP305A/304A,2600pages,Magenta                  144,068                    25,932                         170,000
10 Toners Compatible with HP126A/130A,1300pages,Black                  144,068                    25,932                         170,000
11 Toners Compatible with HP126A/130A,1000pages,Black                  118,644                    21,356                         140,000
12 Toners Compatible with HP126A/130A,1000pages,Yellow                  118,644                    21,356                         140,000
13 Toners Compatible with HP126A/130A,1000pages,Magenta                  118,644                    21,356                         140,000
14 Toners Compatible with HP131A/128A/125A,2400pages,Black                  152,542                    27,458                         180,000
15 Toners Compatible with HP131A/128A/125A,1800pages,Cyan                  144,068                    25,932                         170,000
16 Toners Compatible with HP131A/128A/125A,1800pages,Yellow                  144,068                    25,932                         170,000
17 Toners Compatible with HP131A/128A/125A,1800pages,Magenta                  144,068                    25,932                         170,000
18 Toners Compatible with HP201A,1500pages,Black                  254,237                    45,763                         300,000
19 Toners Compatible with HP201A,1400pages,Cyan                  245,763                    44,237                         290,000
20 Toners Compatible with HP201A,1400pages,Yellow                  245,763                    44,237                         290,000
21 Toners Compatible with HP201A,1400pages,Magenta                  245,763                    44,237                         290,000
Compatible Toners (BROTHER)  
Nos Products Details  Price   VAT @ 18%   Price per Piece (Inc.) 
1 Toners Compatible with Brother TN1000                      97,458                    17,542                         115,000
2 Toners Compatible with Brother TN3350                  169,492                    30,508                         200,000
3 Toners Compatible with Brother TN261BK                  169,492                    30,508                         200,000
4 Toners Compatible with Brother TN265C                  169,492                    30,508                         200,000
5 Toners Compatible with Brother TN265M                  169,492                    30,508                         200,000
6 Toners Compatible with Brother TN265Y                  169,492                    30,508                         200,000

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